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polymer clay galleryTake a look at past and present polymer clay items I have made and sold through out the years.

Is it possible to get free polymer clay crafting ideas and polymer clay tutorials in one fun location? Have you seen polymer clay crafts or polymer clay beads on Ebay or at craft shows? polymerclay-question Don't you wish you could make something like that but felt you didn't have the creativity to do so? Do you see cute polymer clay character beads and have ideas of your very own polymer clay creations?

I want to welcome you to My Crafts!

My name is Tommy and I invite you to stay and browse through all my FREE polymer clay tutorials and FREE polymer clay video tutorials.

Take a look at the newest polymer clay projects, secrets and short cuts to my polymer clay novelty beads. My free polymer clay tutorials will teach you to create polymer clay tutorial bookcute whimsical polymer clay novelty beads that you can make in a single afternoon or evening... And revel in the compliments the same night or on the holidays!

I will show you step-by-step on how I make ALL my fun polymer clay novelty character beads! All of my secrets disclosed for everyone to see! These FREE polymer clay tutorials are just the beginning of the polymer clay crafts that I want to teach you! I have other crafting projects and tutorials too!

If you ever wanted to learn how to ice a cake like a professional, my wife Susy has made a cake icing tutorial for you! She has over 20 years as a professional cake decorator! Check it out!

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