Cake Icing Tutorial  

Copyright 2007 Susy Andrews -- My Crafts
Making reproductions of this tutorial is strictly prohibited.


Tools used: (clockwise)
-Good quality, strong paper towels, such as “Bounty” brand.
-heavy duty foil
-turn table(or lazy susan)
-Offset small and large spatulas
-mixing spatula
-serrated knife
-two 9” or 10” round boards.

Not pictured:
- 8” or 9” Round cake

-bowl of 3 to 4 -cups of icing

- Clean kitchen cloths

- non-slip grip matting



First, wrap a board to set the cake on.

Place one round board in center of a sheet of foil.

  Start with folding one corner over board.

Flatten first fold to board.


Continue in one direction around board, overlaping folds.

(I'm left handed and find it natural to work clockwise.)













Viewing back of board without tape.

Secure folded foil with tape if nessesary.


Front of wrapped board.



Level the cake by trimming off uneven mound.

Carefully and slowly saw across top of cake holding the knife horizontally.


Carefully and slowly make a horizontal cut across the top surface.

Just deep enough to trim off uneven mound.

Cake should be one even level.

  Remove any burnt or bulging edges by snipping off with scissors.
  This trimmed side will be the bottom of the iced cake.
  Transferring cake to foil wrapped board.
  Place top of foil wrapped board over bottom of cake.
  Turn over, holding cake tightly between boards.
  Cake is transferred to foiled board.
  Move the cake to the center the board by sliding with fingers.

Place a piece of non-slip grip material under turn table.


Add a piece of non-slip grip on top

of turntable.

  Place cake on turntable.
  Icing for cake.

Plop about 2 or 3 cups of icing on the center of the cake.

A generous amount will allow you to work the icing down over the cake without pulling up crumbs from the cake.


  Use a small spatula and push and spread out a shallow well in center of mound.

Slowly rotate the turn table and spread icing from center out to edge of your cake in a pinwheel pattern.

Keep art least a 1/2 inch layer of icing between spatula and cake to prevent pulling up crumbs.

  Continue to spread icing out and slightly over edge.

Hold spatula flat along top of cake.

Keep back angle of spatula at the center of cake.

Stabalize your arm and wrist.

Keep the spatula still as you rotate the turntable.

Smooth just enough to level the icing layer.


Icing side of cake...

Hold small spatula as shown.

Work excess icing from top edge down to the board.

Carefully spread icing around cake sides slowly rotating turntable.

Remember to keep about a 1/2 inch thickness of icing between spatula and cake as you work.

  Scrape excess icing into bowl.

After cakes surface has been completely covered with icing.

Hold spatula against side of cake.

Slowly rotate turn table.

Apply just enough pressure to evenly smooth icing.


  Now I will even the top surface….

Hold spatula at a 45 degree angle to top edge of cake as shown.


Level top of cake by gliding spatula along and across top of cake.

Make strokes from edge to center of cake.

  Scrape excess icing into bowl.

Cake is iced and shaped.



Use edge of spatula to gently scrape icing off ledge of cake board.



Useing a wet paper towel to wipe

rest of icing off cake board.....


hold the paper towel to base of the cake

and rotate turn table.



Let the cake set for a minute.

Take a heavy paper towel.





Place paper towel over top of cake.

Lightly rub surface back and forthover paper towel.

You may use your hand or spatula.



This "papering the cake" will give your cake a seamless finish and eliminate stroke marks made by the spatula.



Use just enough pressure to smooth surface of icing with paper towel.




After eack stroke, lift paper towel
and lay back down.







Use paper towel on sides of cake.


Lightly rub paper towel around cake.


Make small rubs forward and back.

Then rub up and over edge to shape.




  Smooth any dents or bulges.






For a untextured surface you may choose to try a piece of wax paper.

Use the waxpaper with the sames steps shown for the paper towel.







Wax paper tends stick a bit more.

Be even lighter with pressure.

Use care when lifting wax paper from cake.

  Completed cake with wax paper finish.