Polymer Clay Penguin Tutorial






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In this tutorial I am using Sculpey brand of polymer clay.





White will be for the eyes and belly. Yellow will be the beak and feet. And black will be the body, wings and pupils.


Roll out clay into logs. Make two white clay logs. One large and the other small.


Create 4mm notches in the yellow and large white logs. Create 1cm notches in the black clay


Sliced the clay at the notches made. Roll the clay between your fingers to form balls.



Here I have the clay balls separated into the different parts of the penguin.


Take the black clay for the body and shape the top into a tear drop shape by gently pinching the ends of the clay.



Use the inner part of your finger and thumb to refine the tear drop shape.


Here is the finish shape for the body.



Take a 4mm to 5mm white clay ball and gently flatten it like a pancake on a clean surface. This will be the belly of the penguin.


Place the flatten white clay at the center of the tear drop shaped body.





Take a slice of clay from the small notched white log. Roll into a ball then shape into a tear drop, like how you made the body. Make two, they will become the eyes.



Here is the final placement for the eyes.






Take a slice of clay from the yellow clay log and shape into a ball. Place the yellow clay ball below the eyes.



Now shape the clay ball into a beak.






Follow the numbered diagram. With your finger and thumb, gently pinch the clay to form a pyramid.








Cut two slices from the yellow clay log. Form the clay into a ball, then into two tear drop shapes.






Place the two tear dropped shapes of clay on the bottom of the penguin body. The red dash lines indicate the angle to play the clay.



Roll out a 3mm black clay log and make 3mm notches.






Slice two clay pieces and form into a ball.
Next form clay into two tear drop shapes.

These two clay shapes will be the wings of the penguin.



Attached the tear drop shapes upside down on the side of the body of the penguin. The fat part of the tear drop, should line up with the bottom of the eyes.






Roll out a very thin clay log and slice off two specks of clay. Shape into a ball with your thumb and finger. This will be the pupil of the penguin eyes.



Carefully place the small speck of clay towards the center of the eyes.






Final placement of the pupils. Now you have a finished penguin. Pierce beading holes with a large sewing needle. Bake according to direction on polymer clay package.