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Get started today in making polymer clay novelty character beads with my easy to follow online free
polymer clay tutorials! There are many things you can do with your new polymer clay beads that you make.

You can see exactly how to make cute polymer clay Scarecrows, Pumpkins, Snowmen and many more polymer clay novelty beads. My Free polymer clay tutorials are easy enough for beginners and well informed that seasoned polymer clay crafter's will enjoy making them too! In the free polymer clay tutorial, I show you a list of tools used, clay colors needed and hints and tips on achieving gratifying results. Also check out the Free polymer clay video tutorials below.

Click on the image to view the free polymer clay tutorials.    
polymerclay eyes   polymerclay sock monkey   polymerclay leaf   polymerclay acorn  
Polymer Clay Eyes   Sock Monkey   Leaf   Acorn  
Get Office Supplies at CoffeeForLess.com       polymerclay present   polymerclay pumpkin  
        Present/Gift   Pumpkin  
polymerclay reindeer   polymerclay santa   polymerclay scarecrow   polymerclay snow flake  
Reindeer   Santa   Scarecrow   Snow Flake  
polymerclay snowman   polymerclay teddy bear   polymerclay toy drum  

Snow Man   Teddy Bear   Toy Drum    
polymerclay cat   polymerclay tulip   polymerclay leprechaun polymerclay penguin    
Kitty Cat   Spring Tulip   Leprechaun   Penguin    
Click on the image to view the free polymer clay video tutorials    
                What's Your Favorite Flavor?
      polymerclay face  
Conditioning   Mummy   Dog   Simple Face  
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